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Plaza Mayor y Ayuntamiento
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Plaza Mayor and Town Hall

Agora of the city presided over by the City Hall building

Located in the heart of the city, this civic and commercial space dates from the 17th century, when after one of his visits to Palencia Carlos I decided to promote its creation. It responds to the typical style that defines the Castilian main squares, as it exhibits a rectangular shape and is supported on three of its four sides, the last one being occupied by the Neoclassical City Hall building and inaugurated in 1878. Inside and presiding over the main staircase, there is a wall-painting by the palentino painter Germán Calvo in which the history and tribulations of the city are described. The Plaza Mayor is presided over by the monument to Alonso Berruguete, one of the main sculptural groups of Victorio Macho. Its almost four meters high and its contrast of white on the stone and black on the Berruguete statue allow it to dominate the entire square before the Town Hall.

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Plaza Mayor 1, 34001 Palencia