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Semana Santa de Palencia
Festivals and traditions

Palencia Holy Week

Entre marzo y abril (fecha variable)

Its artistic beauty and solemn character has led it to be declared of International Tourist Interest.

Declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest in 2012, Easter in Palencia - five centuries old - is characterized by recollection and sobriety, features that earn it a special place among all the religious manifestations that our country hosts during the Week of Passion. It is made up of seventeen processions that display 37 processional floats of sculptors such as Alejo de Vahía or Víctor de los Ríos. Its peculiarity, on the other hand, lies in the aesthetics of its parades, solemn and austere, and in the fact that all the brotherhoods march together in each of the official processions as an expression of encounter and union. The traditional rattles are replaced by the original "tararú" that identifies the stops and the resumption of each parade through the sound of the trumpet. One of the most unique moments is, without a doubt, "La Llamada de Hermanos", when some confreres, with bugles and while they knock on the doors with their poles, pick up the rest of the brothers to go out in procession.

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Semana Santa de Palencia - Piedad y Reconciliación
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Semana Santa de Palencia - Prendimiento
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