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Puente Mayor
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Mayor Bridge

An imposing stone bridge over the Carrión river projected in the 16th century

The imposing stone ashlars of this bridge show the importance and power that the city had in the past. It was projected in the 16th century, at which time the city experienced its greatest economic prosperity thanks to the influence exerted by its prelates. This monumental bridge spans the Carrión River to connect the city's historic quarter with the Allende el Río neighborhood and Mount El Viejo, located to the southwest. Originally, it consisted of seven semicircular arches, with prismatic cutouts between them, and a small tower with an arch in the middle. It was expanded and renovated in the 19th century to facilitate the passage of road traffic to its current shape, with the semi-cylindrical pillars and cutwaters that give it a fortified appearance.

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Puente Mayor, Palencia