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Iron bridge

Suspension bridge over the Carrión and an example of the city's iron-cast architecture

Driven by the palentino Abilio Calderón during his mandate as director general of Public Works, his works began in 1909, although they did not end until two years later. It perfectly exemplifies the iron architecture of the time, typical of the tastes of a booming bourgeoisie that demanded a new urban impulse for Palencia. Its construction allowed to replace an old wooden walkway that circumvented the waters of the Carrión river. Solemn and slender, supported in the air, it saves the 45 meters of distance that separate both banks of the channel. The iron pieces that support its scaffolding were ordered from the Nervión shipyards and welded at the same time of its assembly by the dozens of workers hired for this purpose.

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Calle Ponce de León, 34005 Palencia