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Parque Isla dos Aguas
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Isla dos Aguas Park

Natural environment defined by the banks of the Carrión river and the Cuérnago

This park not only recovers for the residents of Palencia one of the old natural spaces of the city, but also offers a new alternative for leisure and outdoor sports. Dos Aguas Island emerges in the space that the Carrión River and the Cuérnago liberate after separating, forming an island that crosses Ponce de León Avenue that gets divided in two parts. Its north end is projected as a large recreational park; abundant vegetation —with specimens of beech, poplar, chestnut, birch, ash and elm— and landscaped areas make up a natural setting of great beauty in which small architectures integrated into nature act as focal points of activity. A water geyser located between the Puente Mayor and the viewpoint is one of its most emblematic places. The southern area is a sports complex that has natural grass soccer fields, tennis and skating rinks, sports courts, beach volleyball and grass volleyball courts, a large green area for sports and recreational use, cafeteria, restaurant and a golf course.

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Av. Isla Dos Aguas, 12A, 34005 Palencia