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Traditional cast-iron architecture market ideal for getting to know the local gastronomy

"It was in 1895 when the young municipal architect Juan Agapito y Revilla drew up the plans for the projection of this central market. That same year, on September 4, the foundation stone was laid for works that had yet to wait three more years before opening to the public. Its innovative architecture, inspired by the use of materials such as cast iron or glass, was a true revolution for the aspect of a city like Palencia. This popular plaza, which brings together a total of seventy stalls, exhibits a rectangular floor plan and makes up a perfect showcase to discover some of the most emblematic products of the province's gastronomy. On the outside, several series of tiles stand out, representing the trades that historically took place in the Plaza.

Products of the Club de Calidad Alimentos de Palencia are for sale (Quality Palencia Food Club)."

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Calle Felipe Prieto, 1, 34001 Palencia