Virtual Tours

We propose a series of virtual tours in which you can experience a unique way of getting to know the rich heritage and art of the city. A new experience that will allow you to admire the Victorio Macho Interpretation Centre, the Romanesque Interpretation Point, the Mayor Street, the Water Museum or the Díaz-Caneja Foundation.
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Díaz Caneja Foundation

Virtual visit to the contemporary art museum that houses much of the work of the painter Díaz-Caneja.
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Mayor Street

Enjoy a walk along Palencia's Calle Mayor, which, with its more than 900 metres of arcades, is the city's main shopping street and meeting point,
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Victorio Macho Interpretation Center

Access a virtual visit to the Victorio Macho Interpretation Center, the cultural venue located in the Cristo del Otero that exhibits the work of the brilliant artist from Palencia.