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Monasterio de las Claras

Santa Clara Monastery

Gothic Greek cross temple with a magical and legendary story

Its church, dedicated to Santa Clara, is the only one in Palencia that exhibits a Greek cross plan. It also has a rich doorway that gives access to a Gothic-style temple built in the late 14th century. Many sources suggest that it was the place that inspired Zorrilla to locate his story of Margarita La Tornera. Well worth a visit if you want to admire his Reclining Christ, also known as Christ of the Good Death. It is a 1.40 meter wood carving located inside a glass urn in the chapel at the foot of the Temple. Her natural hair and nails surprise the tourist. On this other hand, several incredible miracles are attributed. The first, which occurred in the year 1659, claims that it saved Palencia from an immense plague of locusts. The second dates back to a night in the year 1666, when in the middle of the morning the cloistered nuns who were guarding the Christ heard a tremendous noise that woke them up. Upon arriving quickly at the chapel, they discovered, perplexed, that the image, which the day before had its hands crossed on its chest, had them unclothed and placed on both sides of the body as it can still be seen today.

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Calle Burgos, 6, 34001 Palencia
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  • Mon to Sun: 7:15-15:45 and 17:15-20:00
  • (Please respect the hours of worship)
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