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Fiesta de Las Candelas
Festivals and traditions

Las Candelas Festival

2 de febrero

Patronal feast of the city

On February 2nd Palencia celebrates the feast of its patron saint, the Virgen de la Calle. In the parish of her name, also known as "La Compañia" de Jesus, her image is venerated: a brownish Virgin holding her son in her arms, to whom Palencia people dedicate a fervent novena in the previous days. On the day of the Candlemas, "la Morenilla" leaves her sanctuary in a float and, in the midst of popular devotion, is carried in a procession to the Cathedral, where she receives an affectionate homage from the villagers. After the traditional solemn mass, the Virgen de la Calle returns to her parish church where a floral offering is made to her.

In parallel to the religious festival, a complete and varied festive programme is carried out, focusing on culture, tradition and gastronomy, and whose epicentre is the traditional market held in the Plaza Mayor.

Information of interest

Departamento de Fiestas. Centro Cultural Antigua Cárcel. Avda. Valladolid, 26 34004 Palencia.



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Fiesta de Las Candelas
Fiesta de Las Candelas
Fiesta de Las Candelas
Fiesta de Las Candelas
Fiesta de Las Candelas
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