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Palacio Provincial

Provincial Palace

Magnificent modernist style work signed by the master Jerónimo Arroyo

This impressive building holds the headquarters of the Government of the Province and is one of the best examples of the profound urban changes that the city experienced during the first decades of the 20th century. Its author, Jerónimo Arroyo, projected a non-plateresque building in which neoclassical and Renaissance elements coexisted together with other neo-baroque influences, archetypal avant-garde constructions that defined the design at that time of expansion and development for the capital. It was inaugurated on October 19, 1914 after five years of works that required carrying a large quantity of Hontoria stone, which together with materials such as brick, iron or glass compose its foundations. Its main façade has a profuse decoration. On its three bodies, separated by pilasters, There is a frieze and an elegant balcony. Inside, the Italian-looking lobby is striking, as well as its frescoes and a charming interior courtyard, which hosts a series of concerts each summer entitled “Solidarity Gates. Sunsets in the Palace courtyard ”. Its Assembly Hall, with a stained glass window on the ceiling that represents the creation of the University of Palencia, the Office of the Presidency and the Plenary and Commission Rooms are other of the most special spaces in the complex.

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Calle Burgos, 1, 34001 Palencia