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Colegio Modesto Lafuente

Modesto Lafuente School

Eclectic style building raised in the late 19th century

First known as the School of the Barrio de la Puebla, this building was designed in 1897 by Juan Agapito y Revilla. Eclectic in style and with a certain neo-Mudejar aspect, its construction was carried out according to the principles of simplicity, quality and economy. Its aim was to respond to the ideology of pedagogical renewal in Spain by the end of that century. To achieve this, it established a clear division between boys and girls schools, a reflection of the pedagogy of the late nineteenth century. As for the dependencies, both the girls' school (facing the Corredera street), and the boys' school (facing the Plata street), were designed with a lobby, cloakroom, classroom, gallery, fountain and sinks, toilets, a room to store old equipment, as well as a playground, with free spaces for games and gardens. On the main floor, private rooms of the teachers. It was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in September 1998.

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Paseo del Salón, 9, 34002 Palencia