Catedral de San Antolín
Cathedral Basilica of San Antolín

Gothic temple with high artistic and heritage wealth and granted the label of "The recognized beauty"

Calle Mayor de Palencia
Mayor Street

Main artery of the city supported by the 199 columns that flank one of its sides

Centro de Interpretación del Románico
Romanesque Interpretation Center

An exhibition space to delve into the secrets of Romanesque art

Cristo del Otero
The Christ of the Otero

An emblematic sculpture of Jesus Christ 21 meters high which is the undisputed symbol of the city.

Fundación Díaz Caneja
Díaz Caneja Foundation

Museum of Contemporary Art that houses a large part of the work of the painter Díaz-Caneja

Iglesia de San Miguel
San Miguel's Church

Surprising temple on the banks of the Carrión river

Monte el Viejo
Monte el Viejo

Valuable natural area of ​​Mediterranean forest just 6 kilometers from the town

Museo del Cordón
Museum of Palencia. Cordon House

It treasures a valuable collection of prehistoric, pre-Roman, Roman and medieval pieces

Plaza Mayor y Ayuntamiento
Plaza Mayor and Town Hall

Agora of the city presided over by the City Hall building

Teatro Principal
Principal Theater

Main scenic space in the city of Palencia built at the beginning of the 19th century