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Casino de Palencia

Palencia Casino

Arcaded building on Calle Mayor, epicenter of the social and cultural life of the Palentina bourgeoisie.

The city council used to have its most representative offices in the early building erected in this place in the 16th century and this is where it held most of its sessions. On the ground floor the "Mesón de la Fruta" was located, operating as a regulating post, as well as the "Real Weight", where all the goods weight had to be checked for getting the permission to be sold. The building was sold — along with properties— to build the new city council. In 1862 it was transferred to the Palencia Casino Society and in the 1920s Jacobo Romero carried out a complete transformation that gave it the appearance it has today, reproducing the most characteristic environment of the Palentine bourgeoisie of the time. The modernist mural that decorates its façade is the work of the palentino painter Rafael Oliva.

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Calle Mayor Principal, 35
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Individual: Monday to Sunday: Entrance to 11:00 and 12:00

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