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Convento de la Piedad
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Convent of La Piedad

Complex formed by the convent and church of the same name, famous for its sweets.

The monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Piedad, founded in 1523, is located in the historic center of Palencia and is a must-see for heritage lovers. They say that a canon decided to dedicate his inheritance to the foundation of a building for worship. He first doubted whether to build a hospital, but it explains the tradition that the Christ that he had in his oratory addressed him. "Lock the maids and me with them," he said. And so he did. That Christ is now in his temple. The convent of La Piedad belongs to the order of Dominican nuns. Its church has an octagonal plan and an 18th century baroque dome. Also noteworthy are the lattices on the façade that cover the holes made in the stone wall and rammed earth, following the characteristic model of the Order of the Society of Jesus. This convent is known among the inhabitants of the city for the sweets made by their nuns, especially their typical puff pastry horseshoes.

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Calle los Pastores, 1, 34005 Palencia