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Cecina de Villarramiel

Villarramiel Dried meat (Cecina de Villarramiel)

Product with a guarantee mark that highlights its quality

The products made by the producers of this municipality of Tierra de Campos enjoy great prestige for their flavor and nutritional qualities. The Provincial Council of Palencia has promoted the implementation of the Cecina de Villarramiel guarantee brand. This figure certifies both the quality of production and the value of the raw material used.



The elaboration process is inspired by the most traditional knowledge, passed down from parents to children for several generations. In its external coloration, reddish colors predominate, due to the remains of paprika that cover its surface, being grayish brown and even with a certain whitish hue at those points where there is an absence or less amount of paprika on the surface. Inside, the cecina from Villarramiel is characterized by being a red meat and darkened by its edges.

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